Bride gets amazing surprise from late father’s best friend before wedding

Dear friend!

When it came time for Allyson to walk down the aisle, she knew Chris would be the only person to message

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yeah the more expensive ones have a better distance:spot ratio and some have adjustable sensitivity (I guess you’d call it that?) to read different types of substances.

My cheap IR thermometer can read a heated bed ok, but it reckons my hot end is at about 40 degrees when the thermistor and my DMM with a contact probe tell me it’s over 200 degrees.

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✔Hero Bus Driver Helps 2-Year-Old Found Wandering Alone


The passenger brought the boy aboard and immediately called police, Fox 5 reported. open message

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In the US at least, it’s pretty common to lump Asian culture together, or collectively assume anything asian=Chinese.

When I eventually traveled to Japan I quickly noticed that the Japanese had a similar tendency to when it came to the western world in general.

At a supposedly Italian restaurant they had – dish called “westerner favorites” and it was essentially an American style hotdog with no bun topped with corn, spaghetti, and ketchup with a little American flag stuck on top. I was 12 years old at the time but I was offended!

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The end of Mitch McConnell, master strategist

Hi friend!

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Instead of talking about the issue and convincing them their way of thinking is not right (or not right in your view), the two men got violent and offensive to try and FORCE the other to accept their way of thinking (even if it’s wrong).

The man interviewing the crowd knew better than to attack back or sly away with weakness, he’s had experience dealing with people like the protester so just stood his ground and avoided conflict.

The kid didn’t learn anything, I’m betting he would use it as more of a reason to hate his parents. Either that or it will show him an effective way to get your point across or get what you want is to attack/force it on others.

that’s a lot of words though, I like my original interpretation better 😛

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☠Re: a question


I was just wondering, have you ever seen something like that? Just take a look continue reading

Patrizia Pennizzotto

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what an amazing place


We’ve been to a really nice place recently, you may like it too, just take a look open link

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☑Fw: I’ve just found the thing


I’ve just found the thing you were looking for, I hope it is. Check it out here

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☀have never seen anything that cool


I’ve just seen something so cool that I couldn’t believe my eyes, please take a look open message

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A lot better. If you’ve read all the other stuff, you can see it’s been a fucking roller coaster the last couple of hours. But I’m doing really well right now. Been listening to music for awhile and just now had to stop. Weird how your body just feels like it’s done with something. I’ve been made so much more aware of that sensation tonight. Like just midway through my song I was like “Nope, I’m done with this.” and had to turn it off.

Going not off topic, but way out there, I can totally see now the idea that a girl can remove consent midway through sex or any other act of passion, and it’s fine. Sucks that it took an acid trip to make me fully realize that, but now I really understand it and hopefully that’ll make just a bit of a better person in the long run.

Man I’ve been typing so much.

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